Debtor and defendant questions and answers

How can I find out if I have a judgment registered against me?
How do I get my name off the judgment register?
How do I pay a CCJ?
What happens if I ignore a judgment?
What is judgment set aside?
How do I apply to set aside a judgment or order?
I cannot pay a CCJ what should I do?
What if I can't afford anything towards the judgment?
What is a warrant of execution?
I can't pay the warrant of execution what can I do?
What goods can an Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) take?
What is an administration order?
What happens if I cannot pay my administration order?
What is an attachment to earnings order?
Already have an attachment of earnings order?
I have been served with an interim charging order, what do I do?
What is an order for sale?
How do I object to a third party debt order?
A third party debt order has been issued against my bank / building society what can I do?