How do I object to a third party debt order?

If you are the third party and you are not a bank or building society you need to respond within 7 days of being served with the interim order.

You need to inform the court and the claimant if you do not owe the judgment debtor any money or you owe less than the amount being claimed in the order.

If you object you must file written evidence setting out your objections not less than 3 days before the hearing is due to take place. You must send copies of your objections to the claimant, the court and the defendant. You will be expected to attend the hearing.

You can apply to the court to have the hearing take place at a court nearer to your home.

If the judge is satisfied that a final order should be made an order will be drawn in Form N85 (Final third party debt order) and you will be told how much to pay and the date by which it is to be paid.

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