Small Claims Court Fees

Fees when making a money claim through the Small Claims Court (County Court) are payable when you file any document or commence any process requiring a fee, unless otherwise stated.

Courts accept payment by debit or credit card, cash, postal order or cheque. Payments should be made payable to "HM Courts & Tribunals Service".

You will have to pay these fees unless you are on a low income, in receipt of certain income related benefits or you can show that payment of a court fee will cause hardship to you and your family, the court may waive the fee. To apply for a fee exemption or reduced fees you should fill out an EX160 form each time a fee is payable.

From 9th March 2015 the following fees will be payable for claims to recover a sum of money.

Money Claims court fee

A court fee is payable to the court to issue proceedings, based on the value of your money claim. (Fee Remission - do I have to pay a court fee?)

up to £court fee £
200,0005% of the claim

There is a 10% discount on fees for claims from £10,000 to £99,999 filed electronically.

Listing Questionnaire (Pre-Trial Checklist) fee

Fast track claim £110.00
Multi-track claim £110.00

Hearing fee

Most cases are referred to the small claims track where the District Judge will attempt to reach a decision without a hearing (on paper).

The Notice of Allocation issued by the court identifies those claims requiring a hearing or a preliminary hearing and the fee payable. The hearing fee depends on the amount you're claiming.

claim up to £hearing fee £     claim up to £hearing fee £
30025.00     1,500115.00
50055.00     3,000170.00
1,00080.00     above335.00

Fast track hearing fee £545.00
Multi-track hearing fee £1090.00

Copy documents

If you ask the court to make copies of documents, receive or send a fax on your behalf, or provide a copy of a document already provided, there is a fee to pay.

document service fee
Between 1 to 10 pages of any document £10
Extra pages of the same document 50p per page
Copies of documents provided on computer disk or other electronic form £10