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MoneyClaimsUK supports private landlords, letting agents and property management companies who do not have time, experience or desire to manage the eviction of a tenant without the need for legal representation.

We can support you through the accelerated possession procedure and the standard possession procedure.

You can instruct us after you have filed your Section 8 Notice, Section 21 Notice or we can take you through the entire process from serving the appropriate Notice, attempting to agree a Deed of Surrender so avoiding the delay and cost of the court process, sending your Notice of Intent to file court proceedings, pre-court preparation, the court process, hearing preparation, court bundle and on the Court awarding your Possession Order attendance of Enforcement Officers to evict.

After service of a Statutory Notice but before the issue of proceedings, where it could be of benefit, the process incorporates the most cost effective proportionate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service available to Litigants in Person (self-represented litigants where a Deed of Surrender to save time and costs for both the Landlord and Tenant.

Where an agreement to repay arrears is achieved our technology platform iJustice® enables you and the tenant to communicate online and manage the repayment of arrears to get a tenant back on track.

Where agreement is not sought, or unlikely to be reached for example where the cause of the arrears or possibility of repayment within a reasonable period, we are here to take you through replying to a defence, preparing for a hearing, the court bundle and instructing the attendance of either County Court Enforcement Officers to evict or we can secure your High Court Writ of Possession by transferring your Possession Order to the High Court for High Court Enforcement Officers to attend to evict.

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