What is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)?

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) was born by the combination of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Information and Communication Technologies.

In ADR, there are three parties: the claimant, the defendant and the third neutral party (a mediator or arbitrator for example). However, ODR differs from this three party system by introducing computers and software – an independent fourth party that can help manage the dispute, as that fourth party we provide a closed system for ODR. We allow registered users to handle their disputes online.

ODR has the same ADR advantages over litigation of greater efficiency, greater party control and lower costs. The introduction of technology increases these advantages of ADR over litigation. The system can help solve disputes especially where the parties are located far from each other and can be key to managing customer relations and business reputation.

Why use ODR for a money claim?

Dispute resolution is essentially a complex process of information management, information processing and communication. Therefore, online technology lends itself for this task and is the most proportionate and appropriate solution for the small claimant.

How does the MoneyClaimsUK ODR technology support the ADR process?

Our iJustice® online platform focuses on supporting ADR for debt disputes allowing all parties to add, view and respond to material.

The platform offers a progression from the pre-action® ADR® service for disputed claims or following completion of your N1 court claim form for defended claims.

It contains tools allowing for written communication and discussions including online chat, consisting of users exchanging written text messages, all in the same space of time, i.e. the parties immediately respond to each other's messages (synchronous discussion). It also offers private, threaded discussion boards that are asynchronous or in other words there is a time lapse between the posting and reply. For these threaded discussion boards there is no requirement that the users are online at the same time.

Furthermore it is possible to segment the online platform into spaces, such that Space A is only accessible to one party and the mediator, Space B is only accessible to the other party and the mediator and Space C is accessible to both parties and the mediator.

In this way the platform can be used to replicate the three-room procedure by virtual meetings on an online platform. The obvious advantage of such virtual meetings is that they can be held at a distance, obviating the need to travel and if the meetings are "held" asynchronously, whenever the participant in the mediation has a convenient moment.

Electronic file management means that all documents pertaining to the case in question are stored electronically in a systematic order. Electronic file management software permits individual documents or passages to be easily retrieved, displayed or printed.

Electronic file management with a case reduces the time wasted searching for documents and it avoids the carrying of large amounts of paper.