Won't pay?

Non-payers who won't pay are those who have the ability to pay but are:

  • withholding payment on principle,
  • working the system, or
  • ignoring responsibility for their debts

They are all managed more efficiently and effectively using pre-legal legislation rather than debt collection or debt recovery.

What is your won’t pay debtor thinking?

  • your bill is a low priority
  • the money is better in their account than yours
  • don't worry about being arrears, or
  • they have a valid dispute

If pre-legal legislation fails to secure your money it will have ensured you are ready to immediately issue court proceedings and have strong evidence of attempting a proportionate alternative to court and ensured you are not filing an inappropriate claim.

Why get judgment?

Securing judgment means your debt is no longer an IOU from someone with no commitment to pay. A judgment is worth the paper it is written on. It can also be appropriately enforced at any time for up to 6 years.

With judgment won you choose when and how you want paying.

What impact will you winning judgment have on your debtor?

  • Credit refused
  • Higher interest rates to pay
  • Mortgage refused unless your debt is satisfied
  • Difficulty in trading – other firms may be doubtful about supplying
  • Job applications turned down

How should I enforce my judgment?

  • Goods owned including vehicles (warrant of execution)
  • Wages or salary (attachment of earnings order)
  • Savings or to access money owed to your judgment debtor by another party (third party debt order)
  • Assets including property and land (charging order)

Where do I start to get my money back from a won’t pay debtor?

Our pre-action® ADR® service delivers your demand for payment and uses pre-legal legislative power to get you your money.

At the same time it prepares your money claim ready for immediate court issue if the debtor fails to comply with their obligations so ensuring you can move swiftly while fulfilling pre-action protocol and providing evidence of the offer of proportionate alternative dispute resolution.

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