What is an Attachment of Earnings (AoE)?

This Order directs the judgment debtor's employer to deduct a specified sum from the judgment debtor's earnings. This is paid direct to the court. The court then pays the sum over to the judgment creditor.

The application for an AoE is made in the Judgment debtor's home court, the court closest to where they live and the court will stipulate an earnings level below which no amount may be deducted. This allows a Judgment Debtor a minimum standard of living.

Failure to comply with the terms of an Order may be further enforced by a fine (maximum £250) and may be enforced by way of a Committal Order.

How to issue an Attachment of Earnings Order

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How to re-issue an Attachment of Earnings Order

You will need to complete N446 form - Request for Reissue of an Attachment of Earnings Order. There is no fee required to re-issue.

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