Taking someone to court

MoneyClaimsUK effectively and cheaply help you get back the money you are owed.

In the role of neutral third party we communicate a number of times with your defendant under pre-action protocol asking for payment or a written defence of your claim.

The process incorporates the most cost effective proportionate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service available to litigants in person. It is recommended for all money claims from £200 to £25,000, where they would be expected to be allocated to the small claims track or fast track of the County Court.

On April 1st 2013 the issue of proportionality was placed on the same footing as dealing with cases justly and Civil Procedure Rule 1.1 was amended to reflect this. Now cases must be dealt with justly and at proportionate cost.

How do I claim what is owed to me?

Day 1

We issue pre-action®ADR® claim (14 days to respond)

We ensure you fulfill your pre-court obligations:-

Following proportionality of costs being incorporated into the Court's overriding objective of dealing with cases justly the Courts must now ensure claims are dealt with justly and at a proportionate cost. At the same time the upper value of a claim allocated to the small claims track rose from £5,000 to £10,000.

Many of the additional higher value claims using the small claims track will not be suited to legal representation as the cost will no longer be recoverable.

The proportionate pre-action®ADR® service supports a litigant in person with their pre-action obligations and, where there is no legal dispute requiring a claim to be allocated to the fast track, we are there through the entire process from letter before action, letter of claim, notice of intent, pre-court preparation, court claim form, court process and where needed post-judgment enforcement.

Day 15

We generate your claim for the small claims court, we are with you all the way (14 days for Court to issue)

We help with court preparation and will carry you through the court process:-

  • N1 claim form
  • Joint Evidence Pack
  • Proportionate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • Filing Reply to Defence
  • Applying for judgment

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