What is a Warrant of Control?

A Warrant of Control authorises Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) to attend at the judgment debtor's home or business address. They will collect money (or monies) owed under the judgment debt or remove goods from the home or business to sell at auction.

There are limits to the types of goods that court Enforcement Agents (Bailiffs) may remove. They cannot remove goods that are necessary to allow a judgment debtor a basic standard of living or the tools of his trade.

A Warrant of Control cannot be issued for more than £5,000 except to enforce an agreement made under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Where a debt is in excess of £5,000 the judgment creditor cannot apply to the County Court for the execution, instead they must apply to the High Court for execution, where the terminology changes slightly and it becomes a "Writ" of Execution or a Writ of Control to be executed by a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) .

How to issue a Warrant of Control

Lodge at Court:

information leaflets:

How to re-issue a Warrant of Execution

You will need to complete N445 form - Request for Re-issue of Warrant of Control. In certain circumstances a fee may be required to re-issue.

High Court Enforcement

An alternative to a Warrant of Control (if your Judgment or Order is for over £600) is a High Court Writ of Control.

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