A third party debt order has been issued against my bank / building society what can I do?

Where the judgment debtor is an individual and the third party is a bank or building society the debtor can apply for a hardship payment order to be made.

A hardship order is made by a judge and tells the third party (bank or building society) to release some of the money frozen as a result of the interim third party debt order to the judgment debtor or some other named person. The order will be in the Form N37 (hardship payment order).

The judgment debtor will need to prove that they or their family is not able to meet day to day living expenses as a result of money being frozen. A hardship order can be made to any court and the court may use the telephone or email if the situation is urgent. The order may allow for the release of a single amount of money or specific sums over a period of weeks until the hearing.

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