What is an Attachment to Earnings Order?

An attachment to earnings order is sent direct to your employer. It instructs them to take money from your earnings each pay day and sent it to the Court. The court then sends the money to the claimant.

If the claimant asks for an AEO you must pay all the money owe straight away or fill in a statement of means form giving information about your employment, income and spending. You must fill in the statement immediately and send it to the court. If you do not, the court can send you to prison and may also contact your employer to find out how much you earn.

Tell the court if you are unemployed, self-employed, in the armed forces or a merchant seaman. The court cannot make an AEO against you if you are one of these, supply proof eg your unemployment number, national insurance number or your service number

If you do not want your employer to know about your judgment debt(s) use the statement of means to ask the court to suspend the AEO. However if you do not keep up with your payments the court will send the order to your employer.

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