I cannot pay a CCJ what should I do?

If you have two or more outstanding debts, at least one of which is a County Court Judgment or a high court judgment and your debts in total are less than £5000 you may qualify for an administration order.

If you have been ordered to pay the whole judgment in one amount (in full) or you have been ordered to pay by instalments which you cannot afford, you can ask the court to vary the order and reduce the instalments. This is called a varied order.

You should complete form N245 - Application for suspension of a warrant and / or variation of an instalment order to ask for a varied order. Fill in all the details about your income and spending and include the amount you can afford to pay. You will have to pay a fee for a varied order or check leaflet EX160A How to apply for help with fees

If the claimant accepts your offer, the court will make an order for the instalments you agreed to pay. If the claimant does not accept your offer, the court will look at the information you gave and tell you how much to pay and when.

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