I can't pay the Warrant of Execution what can I do?

If you cannot pay then the Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) will visit and decide whether you own anything that could be sold at auction to pay your debt.

However, if you need time to pay, you may need to ask for the warrant to be suspended and for an instalment order to be made. If you already have an instalment order that you have been able to pay, you can ask the court reduce the amount of the instalments.

Fill in form N245 - Application for suspension of a warrant and / or variation of an instalment order and ask for an instalment order. Fill in all the details about your income and spending and include the amount you can afford to pay. You will have to pay a fee for an instalment order or check leaflet EX160A How to apply for help with fees

However, if the warrant is suspended and you do not pay as you said you would, the claimant will ask the court to reissue the warrant. This means the Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) will visit you again and take your belongings to be sold at auction to pay the debt.

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