How do I apply to set aside a judgment or order?

You can apply to set aside a judgment, or an order that has been made either without your knowledge or in your absence, and that you disagree with the decision made.

You will need to complete and send a completed N244 form to the Court.

The court fee for setting aside a County Court Judgment is £80. However if you have the consent of the claimant or did not receive the court claim or any court notices it is £45.00. Check EX160A How to apply for help with fees

If the judgment was not made in your local Court, the case may in certain circumstances be transferred there before the hearing is arranged.

If you do not go to the hearing, your request to have the judgment set aside could be dismissed (rejected). You may have to pay more costs and the claimant may take other steps to get the money you owe.

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