Submit Third Party Debt Order (TPDO) application

For a Third Party Debt Order (TPDO) the money held by the third party must be held solely for the debtor. You cannot, for example, apply for a third party debt order against a joint bank account unless the judgment debt is owed by all the account holders.

The court order which is initially sent to the third party will only "freeze" money held in an account on the day it is received by (served on) the third party.

If you want the third party debt order to reach the recipient on a certain date you have the option to serve it yourself or instruct a process server to do so.

Can the debtor do anything else which will prevent me getting my money?

Where the debtor is an individual, not a firm, company or corporation, and the third party is a bank or building society, an application for a hardship payment order may be made. This is an order made by a judge telling the third party to release some of the money frozen as a result of the interim third party debt order to the debtor or some other named person. The judge would only make this order if the debtor proved that the debtor/debtor's family, is not able to meet day to day living expenses as a result of money being frozen.

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