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If you use an Order to Obtain Information (OOI), the debtor will be ordered to come to the court to be questioned, on oath, by a court officer. An order can be obtained against an individual, a company or corporation. If the debtor is a company, you can ask that one of the officers of that company is questioned about the company's affairs, for example, a Director.

The order contains a warning to the debtor that failure to do what the order says may result in imprisonment.

A copy of the order must be handed to the debtor personally. This is called "personal service". That is, you, or someone on your behalf for example an Enforcement Officer, must hand the order to attend for questioning to the debtor personally. The order must not be left with someone else at the debtor's address, or posted through the letterbox.

You can request that the judgment debtor be questioned by yourself before a judge.

In addition to the standard questions asked by the court you can decide whether there are any other matters that could be verified by a document that is not already listed and whether you would like the court officer to ask any other questions. But remember, questions and documents, must be directly related to the debtor’s or the relevant company's ability to pay.

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