I am owed money by a friend

When you lend a friend money you can expect to get that money repaid, irrespective of what happens to the friendship.

In England and Wales there has to be an intention to be legally bound. In other words there has to be an intention for the money to be paid back. You are the owed party and you only need to prove the debt to the civil standard,that is with 'reasonable' certainty.

Keep your claim specific.

State the reason for the loan, the exact sum, the date(s) it was made, explain the agreed payback plan and state clearly that the money fell outside normal friend to friend short term arrangements.

If you can, provide evidence of the money coming out of your account eg statement, cheque or similar and ideally entering your friend's account but often it is given in cash.

If you choose to start your claim with our pre-action® ADR® service in the discovery section you will ask your friend to show evidence of where the money came from - if not from you.

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