Where can I get a form of affidavit?

You can get a Form EX550 Affidavit of service (order to attend for questioning and suspended committal order) from any court office or this website. The affidavit deals with service, travelling expenses and the outstanding balance of the debt.

Complete those parts of the affidavit which are relevant to you, neatly crossing out any that are not. Attach a copy of Form N39 (order to attend court for questioning) to the affidavit. Send both the affidavit and Form 39 to the court where questioning is to take place not less than 2 days before the date of questioning. Include a letter that states clearly the date and time of the questioning.

Remember only you can swear an affidavit about travelling expenses and the outstanding balance. If someone else served the order to attend on your behalf then they must swear their own affidavit relating to this, neatly crossing out the parts of the affidavit relating to travel expenses and the outstanding balance.

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