When is meant by deemed served?

Deemed service is the date calculated in accordance with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) part 6.14 that is used by the Court as the delivery of a court form or document.

First class post - The second business day after it was posted, left with, delivered to or collected by the relevant service provider provided that day is a business day; or if not, the next business day after that:

Posted Deemed Served
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Monday

Delivered to or left at the relevant place before 12.00 midnight, on the second business day after that day.

Fax the second business day after the transmission of the fax (e.g. if the fax is sent at 10.30pm on Monday, it will be deemed served on Wednesday.

Other electronic method e.g. e-mail the second business day after sending the email or other electronic transmission.

Personal Service the second business day after completing the relevant step required by CPR 6.5 (3)

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