What if the defendant does not say how much they admit to?

If the defendant does not specify an amount, you can ask the court to decide what this should be and make an order that the defendant pay this amount. This is known as "entering judgment for an amount to be decided by the court".

You need to complete the bottom half of your Notice of Admission and send it to the court with a copy to the defendant.

Check the Notice of Admission to see the ate by which the court needs your reply. If your response is late, your claim may be stopped (known as "stayed"). The only way to continue your claim after this period is to apply to the court for an order to lift the stay and there may be a fee for this.

Your claim will then be referred to a judge. Once the judge has made a decision about how much money you are entitle to, you and the defendant will be sent an order explain any instructions (or "directions") given. The order may also give details of a hearing or a trial.

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