What if the Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) does not collect any money or goods?

The court will tell you why the Enforcement Agent (Bailiff) has not collected any money. If you have not been told anything one month after you issued the warrant, you should contact the court.

If a warrant is unsuccessful it is usually because:

  • The defendant is not at the address given
  • The defendant's goods are not worth enough to pay anything towards the amount you are owed and the cost of taking and selling them at auction

If you are sure that the defendant lives at the address you gave or you have found another address, you can use form N445 Request for re-issue of warrant to ask the court to reissue the warrant. But you will have to pay a fee in these circumstances.

If the warrant is being sent to the same address, you should give a description of the defendant if you can. You must also give the reason why you think the defendant is still there.

If you believe that the defendant does own something which could be worth selling, you can use form N445 to ask the court to reissue the warrant. Give details of the item or items in question. You will have to pay a fee for this.

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