What are the fast track and multi-track?

The judge will decide which track a case is allocated to. If the amount of the claim suggests it may be allocated to the fast track or the multi-track you may wish to seek legal advice.

Fast track

Claims with a value of between £5,000 and £25,000 are usually allocated to the fast track. The fast track usually takes no more than one day.

The standard directions and a typical timetable for a fast track case:

Disclosure (followed by inspection by the court)4 weeks after allocation
Exchange of witness statements10 week after allocation
Exchange of expert reports (where allowed)14 weeks after allocation
Court sends out pre-trial checklists20 weeks after allocation
Deadline for returning pre-trail checklists22 weeks after allocation
Final hearing (trial)30 weeks after allocation

The hearing may take place in either a courtroom or in the judge's room. In the fast track a circuit judge or a district judge may hear the trail.


Claims with a value above £25,000 or very complex claims are usually allocated to the multi-track. It gives the court the ability to deal with cases in the most suitable way so, unlike the other tracks, there is no standard procedure for multi-track cases.

To keep things moving the judge can use standard directions, case management conferences or a pre-trial review, or a combination of these.

The multi-track trial usually takes place in a courtroom in front of a Circuit Judge.

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