What is a letter of intent?

The court will expect you to have acted reasonably at all times.

Before you issuing proceedings you should send a final letter to the debtor, your letter of intent or notice of intent stating clearly how much they owe, for what services or goods and that you are attempting to avoid issuing court proceedings.

Document your attempts made to settle the matter (invoices, statements, reminder letters, telephone calls, emails etc) and then give a date of at least 14 days by which payment must be made. Close your letter with a statement that this is your letter of intent or notice of intent that you will have no alternative to issuing county court proceedings.

Keep a copy of the letter for yourself. If the debtor mentioned involving a solicitor then send a copy to their solicitor as well.

The MoneyClaimsUK pre-action® ADR® service carries you through the entire process from your letter before action, letter of claim, notice of intent, pre-court preparation, the court process and where needed post-judgment enforcement.

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