How will I know when a defence has been filed?

The court will send you a copy of the defence along with documents for you to complete.

If you are claiming against more than one defendant they may not reply to your claim at the same time. If one files a defence before the other, the court will send a letter to you and the defendant who files the first defence. The letter will explain that the court will delay sending out any further documents until the other defendants to your claim have had the appropriate time to file a defence, if they wish.

What other documents will be sent with the copy of the defence?

The court will send you and the defendant Direction questionnaires and Form N152 - notice of defence.

If the court transfers the claim you will also be sent a Form N271 - notice of transfer, that tells you the name and address of the court to which the claim is being transferred. This usually happens where:

  • Your claim is for a specific amount
  • The defendant is an individual who resides or carries on business in another court's area

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