how do I request disclosure from someone who is not involved in the claim?

Under Part 31.17 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) Orders for disclosure against a person not a party you can apply to the Court for disclosure by a person who is not party to your claim.

Your application must be supported by evidence. The court may make an order under this rule only where:

a) the documents of which disclosure is sought are likely to support the case of the applicant or adversely affect the case of one of the other parties to the proceedings; and
b) disclosure is necessary in order to dispose fairly of the claim or to save costs.

An order under this rule must:

a) specify the documents or the classes of documents which the respondent must disclose; and
b) require the respondent, when making disclosure, to specify any of those documents –
    i) which are no longer in his control; or
    ii) in respect of which he claims a right or duty to withhold inspection.

Such an order may:

a) require the respondent to indicate what has happened to any documents which are no longer in his control; and
b) specify the time and place for disclosure and inspection.

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