The County Court at Liverpool

As of 19th March 2012 your local court is no longer able to accept your claim form, instead paper claim forms are processed by the County Court Money Claims Centre (CCMCC), you can also file your claim online using Money Claim Online (MCOL). Claimants filing bulk claims can use the County Court Business Centre (CCBC) and those filing a claim for Possession use Possession Claim Online (PCOL).

Here at MoneyClaimsUK through our pre-action® ADR® service we ensure you comply with your pre-court obligations, prior to commencing County Court proceedings and give continued support all the way through your claim to post judgment enforcement.

The County Court at Liverpool

35 Vernon Street
L2 2BX

Contact by Post
35 Vernon Street
L2 2BX

Contact by Document Exchange (DX)
DX 702600 Liverpool 5

Monies should be made payable to "HM Courts & Tribunals Service"

Enquiries: 0151 296 2200
County Court Money Claims Centre: 0300 123 1372
Money claims fax: 0161 743 4023
Civil fax: 01264 785 132
Civil orders: 0151 296 2589
Bailiffs fax: 01264 785 168
Family queries: 0151 296 2607
Family fax: 0870 761 7715
High Court: 0151 296 2590
Bailiffs: 0151 296 2425
Listing (district judges): 0151 296 2588
Claims: 0151 296 2586
Adoption: 0151 296 2476
Chancery: 0151 296 2445
Listing (circuit judges): 0151 296 2590
Divorce: 0151 296 2604
Family listing: 0151 296 2606
Bankruptcy: 0151 296 2586
Payments: 0151 296 2421
Enforcement: 0151 296 2603
Small claims mediation: 01604 795511
Court funds: 0151 296 2581

Civil orders:
Family queries:
Filing and records:

Opening Times
Court building open: Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5pm
Bailiffs Office: 8:30am to 10:30am
Court counter open: 10am to 2pm (High court and Administrative Court 4p

Areas of Law
Adoption, bankruptcy, children, divorce, domestic violence, high court, repossession

The supported approach to making your claim

The small claims court has been created to be free of solicitors, however, not everyone is confident in making their own small claim. You still have to prove your claim to the satisfaction of the judge. MoneyClaimsUK are here to help produce and deliver your letter before action, fulfil your pre-court obligations, supply proportionate alternative dispute resolution, issue your notice of intent to issue proceedings to the defendant, draft your N1 claim form, and guide you through default judgment, directions questionnaire, summary judgment, reply to defence and enforcement of your judgment.

As from 1 April 2013, the small claims track limit has increased to £10,000 (except for personal injury and housing claims). Accordingly, all claims issued after that date will be allocated to the small claims court. The fast track limit has been amended to cover cases between £10,000 and £25,000.

The forecast increase in the number of small claims and the inability to recover costs is expected to mean more Litigants in Person. Litigants in Person will not necessarily understand the legal process or be able to succinctly address the court so for many the process could be prolonged.

The pre-action® ADR® service ensures pre-action compliance and fulfils your pre-court obligations, prior to commencing County Court proceedings and continues all the way through your money claim to post judgment enforcement.

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I have a County Court Judgment (CCJ), what next?

Once judgment has been obtained then assuming that the judgment debt is not paid within the terms stipulated within the judgment, then a judgment creditor will need to consider how to compel payment. This is enforcement.

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