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What is the Claim Checker service?

The Claim Checker service gives advice on the merits of the claim and chances of success detailing the cause of action and highlighting where any further evidence would be of benefit.

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Why use the Claim Checker service?

Right from the start you must set out clearly in full the reason for your claim, the basis of your claim for example breach of contract and the calculation of the amount you're claiming from the defendant.

The more clearly the explanation is given the greater your chances of settling the matter without resorting to court. Likewise the stronger the evidence the less likely you will have to resort to court.

If you've taken all the pre-action steps necessary to avoid court action but haven't been able to resolve the situation, then you can use the Claim Checker information to complete the necessary claim forms.

The Claim Checker service enables you to demonstrate to the Court that you are using the court appropriately. That is you have a claim of merit with a good chance of success and you are using the Court as last resort.

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